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    It's not called if it had been pulled back to March 31st 2017.
  4. Hey Polcat, r u on the server no?


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    Will be attending as blue FTO
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    Im gunna sit in as a blue FTO
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    I am planning on going but I might be late.
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    The calendar says 4:45pm, and I'm in CDT, yet the post also says 4:45pm, and last time the post details said they were EST. Is this indeed starting at 4:45pm CDT?
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    Able to attend if slots are open
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    able to attend if spots open up
  13. Accepted. Yay!

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    Will also attend if a spot is available.
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    STUCK IN TRAFFIC!!! I'll be there ASAP in 30-45 minutes
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    disregard the end part of the message
  17. In interview. 

  18. Yesterday
  19. How do I play this role play game play I'm very interested any help? 

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    Thanks Andrew, I still new around here. Could i please confirm that the event has already happened if im right?
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    same here Civ 26
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    Will attend. Lost my TeamSpeak bookmarks. Need someone to email server info please Thanks
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    Will attend if a spot is open
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    Will be at a training, not able to attend.
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    To all people asking about timezones, the calendar is set to your COMPUTER time! So it is in your timezone!
  27. Got my game today. Very excited to see what I can bring to DOJ!

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    What happened! I was looking forward to doing my first training session and now its been called off?
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