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    I will be hosting a M4 certification course for the Sheriff Department for anyone that does not have their training done. So please sign up if your available and show up 10 min before training starts.
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  5. Congrats to @Josh B. 3C-14 for his promotion to Staff Sargeant!

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    Failed, I will not be able to attend the meeting. I will be at my Father's house and he doesn't believe in the internets. He thinks the gov'mint is watching... I won't be able to listen to the recording, I still don't have website permissions yet. I am sorry about that Director Dado.
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    Hi Aaron, Sorry for your frustrations. If we could meet up later in the day, I could probably help you with an interview with potential entry into the community. Again, entry into the community is subject to your application and interview's success. Sorry for the inconvenience, and I hope we can remedy these issues.
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    I got an email saying this will be at 7:30 GMT, but on here it says 11:30 PM. Which one will it be?
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    Attending! 110000114F810BF
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    I will probably be late now. Will be there as soon as I can.
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    Won't make it, have another obligation to tend to at the same time. I will check the recording. Have fun all. Miss everyone and our shenanigans.
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    Unable to attend. Will be at work until 10 PM EST
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  16. William, 

    William is an excellent roleplayer. He shows and excellent representation of what the Department Of Justice Blaine County Sheriff's Office stands for. He is very respectable, and will help you out,even if he doesn't have too. Also, William is a(n) excellent Dispatcher, He dispatches units fairly and very respectably. He will correct you if you make a mistake, Using some very good constructive criticism tactics. William is awesome! 


    From: Fellow Warrant Services Deputy, Chris

    1. William M. 3W-33

      William M. 3W-33

      Thank you very much.

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    I have scheduled another class on this coming Sunday! RSVP on the event page
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    Please connect to interview.dojrp.online for assistance!
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    I will be holding another class this coming Sunday! RSVP on the event page!
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    Event details This is for Dispatch Recruits or Reserve Dispatch Training. I will be hosting the In-Class Training. Make sure to RSVP to let me know that you will attending this training, if plans change, make sure to let me know a day before the training. Make sure to view this event constantly for any changes. Training is subject to changes or cancellation at any time. **If you are an FTA and want to help in this training, make sure let me know the ahead of time to know if I need to up the RSVP Number up** **If you complete your training early, make sure to opt yourself out of the training** Please be in the Dispatch Training Center Waiting Room at the scheduled time!
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    I would like to attend as of right now. HEX: 1100001004E84BC
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    I would like to attend as of right now. Hex: 11000010226A45C
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    I'll be there.
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    Will be attending unless something comes up.
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    How did Adam get put in before I did?
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    I would like to attend also If that allowed I am a Recruit.
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    Will be attending as of right now Hex: 110000104DE1075
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    1100001114007F4 Been waiting forever...
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