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    95% that I will be there.
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    I'm sorry, but I don't understand. Is this In-game training or like a TeamSpeak meeting?
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    What time zone? I shall be there.
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    I will go, if a spot is available
  7. Yesterday
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    I can no longer attend
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    I will be there.
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    I'm going, I'll just need help figuring out how to get on and stuff
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    I will be attending I last left left off at the code 5 stop
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    I would like to attend if anyone doesn't make it.
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    Plans changed and i wont be able to make it
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    I will be going
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    I will try to attend. I'm on call this weekend so that could change at anytime.
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    I have to go in to work Sunday night, so I will not be able to attend this.
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    I will be attening
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    RSVP if slot opens
  20. Wow, as traffic control it was horrible to deal with doing a traffic break on the merge from I1 to I2. Fun, but annoying.
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    Will be at work. Cannot attend.
  23. Whos funeral? I know i died earlier today.
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    I would like to attend if someone doesn't show or cannot make it.
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    I'll be there.
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