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    Is this still going on?
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    If there is a spot open I would like to attend.
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  6. nice picture josh
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    I will be attending
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    Already attending, sitting in.
  9. Today
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    Due to the time I have available I'm unable to accept any more people beyond the RSVP. If I have additional FTO support I may up the limit at the time of the training.
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    is it a 7:00 est start?
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    Any chance I can get in as well? All the training's I have tried to make get canceled... Right now I'm looking at waiting another week.
  13. Yesterday
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    thank you for making me wait another week
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    Any chance I can get in this? You've only got 3 RSVPs
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    I can attend this training sir.
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    I will be unable to attend due to work i will be able to get on between 7:30 and 8pm pst if you are still available thanks
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    training will be in Field training room 2
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    The time will change however to 7:00 PM EST.
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    Please be aware i will be running the training that Jordan has scheduled.
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    Just to let everyone know now i apologize i will have to cancel this in-game training i apologize in advance.
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    same issue. please inform
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    if i can fit in here i would like to come this day
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    I will be attending
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    I should be able to attend this one, If I can not I will be sure to give a heads up
  27. LEO In Game Training

    I will be hosting the In Game Training for those who have COMPLETED their In Classroom Training at least the day prior. In game training will not be done for those doing the classroom the same day. Make sure to RSVP to let me know that you will attending this training, if plans change, make sure to let me know a day before the training. **If you are an FTA and want to help in this training, make sure let me know the ahead of time to know if I need to up the RSVP Number up** **If you complete your training early, make sure to opt yourself out of the training**
  28. hey guys and gals, I'm going to start playing piano in night club on the ts once a week, don't know when but I wanted to set it up for rest and relaxation, unfortunately I don't take requests but I'm still going to try

    fingers crossed you guys and gals will like it

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