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  • Welcome to the Fire Department Homepage
    "The Desire to Serve, The Courage to Act, The Ability to Perform"
  • Why Should You Join the Fire Department?

     The Fire Department offer a truly unique, accurate, and well formed role play experience.  No call is the same as the last.  If you are looking for an ever changing, ever-rewarding career, the Fire Department is the choice for you!

    As a firefighter you will go through a well structured training program including: a full classroom session, Emergency Vehicles Operation Course (EVOC), working an active fire scene, working an active medical scene, and much more. Though the training is no easy task to complete, you will agree that it is worth it in the end. After your training, you will have learned all of the skills necessary to uphold the Fire Department’s Standard of Excellence and Community Service.

    Mission Statement
    "The mission of the Los Santos Fire & Rescue Department is the protection of the community from fire and other emergencies through education, fire prevention code enforcement, emergency disaster planning, and the response of highly-trained personnel.”
  • Department Heads

    Fire Chief: Ian P. F-101

     Deputy Chief: Ashton R. F-102 

    Battalion Chief: Sam I. F-103

    Department Officers

    Fire Captain - John C. F-105

    EMS Captain - Tommy M. F-106

    EMS Lieutenant - Andrew N. F-107

    Department Sub Divisions

    Life Flight - Andrew N. F-116

    Fire Marshal - Jim S. F-122