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  1. Dispatch Recruit / Reserve Training


    I would have loved to attend. But this is unfortunately too late for me because of my timezone (CEST). I wont be able to attend RSVP removed.
  2. Officer down

    That looks stunning
  3. When PD is asked to patrol Sandy Shores

    Ahah that's great
  4. I-5 Cruise

    That looks stunning!
  5. Los Santos at nighttime

  6. Los Santos at nighttime

    Yeah, it’s surely amazing
  7. TeamSpeak: "Can't see Icons" fix *v4*

    This is really great! Thank you
  8. Community Meeting


    Unable to attend.
  9. M4 Certification *POSTPONED*


    Yes sir, Alexis trained me. So I will not be attending. RSVP has been removed.
  10. M4 Certification *POSTPONED*


    I will be able to attend if Alexis doesn't train me first. If so I will send my hex 18 hours from now.
  11. Community Meeting


    Will be attending.
  12. LEO Training


    Sorry dude, but this training ended 6 days ago:(
  13. Highway Patrol Meeting

    Unable to attend.
  14. LEO Training


    Hexadecimal Value: 110000105EB1565