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  1. I wanted to Say Happy belated birthday to Matthew L. !  His is an awesome deputy/person . He is one of the Deputies you wan't by your side ! I know if I am not on . that  Paleto Bay , Grape seed  , and Blaine county will be protected . Thank you  my brother Deputy . 

    1. Matthew L. 3C-54

      Matthew L. 3C-54

      thanks Risky, I really do appreciate you saying that alongside the happy birthday ^_^ it was great to patrol with you and same can be said for you as well, you are a great deputy that holds the law and peace of Blaine county true to the job!

    2. Ricky C. Civ-31

      Ricky C. Civ-31

      Thank you Sir.


  2. Sheriff Meeting

    Thank you . I am in
  3. Sheriff Meeting

    They kicked me out
  4. Sheriff Meeting

    Do I need to post help ? or anything , I did get in Ty
  5. Sheriff Meeting

    I am still having trouble cant get on
  6. Sheriff Meeting

    I just checked still no message at this time , Thank you for that info . I was hoping to get to the meeting tonight . again Thank you Chris D.
  7. Sheriff Meeting

    Still at this time Not able to get on TeamSpeak . FYI
  8. Sheriff Meeting

    I can not get on TeamSpeak , If I can't get on I my not be able to attend Unless I can get help to get back on . Keeps telling me Failed to resolve Host name .
  9. LEO In Game Training


    Sorry Chris I know this is not the right spot , but I don't know where to go to get Help . I lost connection on TeamSpeak it will not let me on it keeps telling me Failed to resolve host name . Please help Thank you ASAP .
  10. Sheriff Meeting

    Should be able to attend