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  1. until

    Ill be attending John.
  2. until

    Ill be there.
  3. until

    I will be attending to assist with training.
  4. until

    You mind if i attend Peter?
  5. nice picture josh
  6. until

    Already attending, sitting in.
  7. until

    Ill be sitting in as well same traffic with Shiv.
  8. I Need Help 


    I'm Trying To Be A Civ On The Server And I'm Not Sure What I Need To Do I Have FiveReborn But Idk

    1. Dan M. [Control 607]

      Dan M. [Control 607]

      Talk to a higher up, I would not know.

    2. ObiJuanDaHomie


      Talk to Angel he will know he is the person in charge of civilian ops


  9. How in the world is a plane able to land on a highway without crashing or blowing up? Lol logic i quess
  10. Nice picture angel looks detailed.