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  1. Just bought a new gaming laptop with a GTX Geforce 1080, And not shipped yet :(

    1. Robert P. 1B-209

      Robert P. 1B-209

      Nice Dan! I Just Ordered The EVGA 1060 SC 6GB Can't Wait To Get To Install It!

  2. Dispatch Training


    Ill be attending John.
  3. Dispatch Meeting


    Ill be there.
  4. Dispatch Training - Classroom


    I will be attending to assist with training.
  5. LEO In Game Training


    You mind if i attend Peter?
  6. 587c8c720d920-01-15.2017-22-44-04-21.png

    nice picture josh
  7. [RESERVE] Dispatch Operator Training


    Already attending, sitting in.
  8. Dispatch Recruit Training


    Ill be sitting in as well same traffic with Shiv.
  9. happy new years 2017 is here!!!!

    1. Blake B.

      Blake B.

      IKR it so cool!!! 2016 had to much i need to escape!! hope this years more chill!!

  10. I Need Help 


    I'm Trying To Be A Civ On The Server And I'm Not Sure What I Need To Do I Have FiveReborn But Idk

    1. Dan M. [Control 607]

      Dan M. [Control 607]

      Talk to a higher up, I would not know.

    2. ObiJuanDaHomie


      Talk to Angel he will know he is the person in charge of civilian ops


  11. Emergency Plane Landing On Highway

    How in the world is a plane able to land on a highway without crashing or blowing up? Lol logic i quess
  12. The hood

    Nice picture angel looks detailed.