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  1. Dispatch Recruit / Reserve Training

    New Dispatch Recruit / Dispatch Reserve Training. Any Recruit / Reserve needing training, please RSVP if you can attend. This will be hosted by Johnathan D. C-306 In order to attend this training, you must be a Dispatch Recruit or a newly accepted Dispatch Reserve. If you RSVP’d but cannot attend, please remove yourself and contact me as soon as possible. If you are late by more than fifteen minutes to this training you will be marked as absent, and forced to sign up for the next training. Please arrive in the Dispatch Training Center - Waiting Room at least five minutes prior to the start of this training. In order to attend this training, you must be a Dispatch Recruit or have an accepted Dispatch Reserve application. DTO in training? Please message me prior to training to advise that you’re attending. This calendar automatically adjusts the start time to correlate with your current timezone settings. FTA: Luke M. C-402
  2. Dispatch Recruit / Reserve Training


    @cdp222 Please join the Interview Server.
  3. Dispatch Recruit / Reserve Training


    @cdp222 When you get that prompt, you should press ok and it will start to automatically upgrade your security level.
  4. Dispatch Recruit / Reserve Training


    Attending as DTA.
  5. MDT Training


    Attending as a FTA.
  6. Johnathan D. C-503 to Johnathan D. C-305

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    2. Johnathan D. C-306

      Johnathan D. C-306

      Updated to C-306 now.

    3. Eric S. C-601

      Eric S. C-601

      Dispatch Cadet. Eric S C-895 to Dispatch Cadet. Eric S C-807 to Operator 1. Eric S C-601

    4. Nathan G. | C-615

      Nathan G. | C-615

      @Eric S. C-601 Congrats mate on the promotion :)

  7. Johnathan D. C-615 to Johnathan D. C-503

  8. Communications Department Meeting


  9. Communications Meeting


  10. Johnathan D. C-847 to Johnathan D. C-615

    1. Johnnie W. C-846

      Johnnie W. C-846

      Congratulations on the promotion, you deserved it. 


    2. Johnathan D. C-306
  11. DOJ CAD Training


    I haven't been able to mark myself to any calendar event since day one. Before you sent that message I already informed Chad that I would be attending your training session as it works better with my schedule. Do you want me to tell Chad to disregard my last response?
  12. DOJ CAD Training


    Mark me as attending this one please. I'll cancel on the other one I posted for later tomorrow.
  13. DOJ CAD Training


    So if I'm reading this right, this training starts in 3 hours?
  14. DOJ CAD Training **FULL No More RSVPs**


    Go to the interview server. They'll be able to help you there.
  15. DOJ CAD Training **FULL No More RSVPs**


    It's not letting me select attending, but please count this as me attending.