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  1. Communications Department Meeting


  2. Communications Meeting


  3. Johnathan D. C-847 to Johnathan D. C-615

    1. Johnnie W. C-846

      Johnnie W. C-846

      Congratulations on the promotion, you deserved it. 


    2. Johnathan D. C-615
  4. DOJ CAD Training


    I haven't been able to mark myself to any calendar event since day one. Before you sent that message I already informed Chad that I would be attending your training session as it works better with my schedule. Do you want me to tell Chad to disregard my last response?
  5. DOJ CAD Training


    Mark me as attending this one please. I'll cancel on the other one I posted for later tomorrow.
  6. DOJ CAD Training


    So if I'm reading this right, this training starts in 3 hours?
  7. DOJ CAD Training **FULL No More RSVPs**


    Go to the interview server. They'll be able to help you there.
  8. DOJ CAD Training **FULL No More RSVPs**


    It's not letting me select attending, but please count this as me attending.
  9. I apologize to all my followers and anyone that might have been notified about my like spree for Chris B. C-611.

    We agreed to like all of our content.

    1. CMSgt. Magness

      CMSgt. Magness

      Never got the notification sir.

    2. Johnathan D. C-615

      Johnathan D. C-615

      Good. I wouldn't want you to have 100+ notifications. 

  10. Like this if you like Chris B. C-611's content.

  11. Community Meeting


  12. Dispatch Meeting


    I will attend.
  13. Dispatch Recruit Training


    Opened up the messenger in the google doc and asked. it was the only way I could think of connecting. As an applicant we can't message people on here unless they message first.
  14. Dispatch Recruit Training


    They have a new server for TeamSpeak. I got it through the CAD. I don't think anyone that has become a Dispatch Recruit has gained website access yet. I heard it can take time, but they usually try to do it on the weekends. We just gotta wait. I'm sure the list is long.
  15. Dispatch Recruit Training


    Will Attend. I was accepted today.