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  1. Current Dispatch/Reserve CAD Training


    *Disregard* -- was testing something.
  2. LEO MDT Training


    I would still like to go if possible. I'll check up on the training on Saturday, thank you.
  3. Wrong Place At The Wrong Time

    Yeah, seems like those Sheriffs are in a lot of trouble. *jokes, jokes*
  4. Coming back from LOA next weekend! I can't wait to get back out there on patrol with everyone. -- It's honestly something I never thought I would miss so much, but I really did. See you all soon! 


    1. Jordan B. 3S-163 | F-638

      Jordan B. 3S-163 | F-638

      We are glad to have you back! See ya out there

  5. discord link would be just fine :D


  6. Nighttime Patrol in Raton Canyon

    Great shot! +1
  7. LEO Training


    I will be going. Thank you. Hex: 110000113A628B6 Looking forward to the training!
  8. LEO Training


    Sorry wrong Hex, my real Hex if spot is available my Hex is: 110000113A628B6
  9. LEO Training


    I would like to attend if anybody opts out. Thank you. Hex: 1100001000056BA
  10. LEO Full Training


    Would like to attend if somebody doesnt show up. Thanks.