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  1. Fire Department Training


    Spencer H. F-121 | 5R-208
  2. Fire Department Training


    We are a smaller department, but when we get a good amount of recruits, we treat them well. Keep an eye out for more trainings!
  3. **Postponed** Fire Department Training (Read Comments)


    @Alex O. Don't fret, continue to keep an eye out daily on the website calendar for new training's.
  4. Fire CAD Training


    *** PLEASE ARRIVE IN THE Dispatch Training Center WAITING ROOM AT LEAST FIVE (5) MINUTES PRIOR TO TRAINING *** ^ Before training begins. It's in the Field training section of the team speak. @Varelino N. F-131
  5. **Postponed** Fire Department Training (Read Comments)


    @Brayden F. Sorry, it appears it's been postponed to Tuesday. Below is the full message Hopefully you can make the next Tuesday one!
  6. Be the Difference!

    I knew I loved this station, just didn't exactly know why.
  7. Fire Department Meeting


    @Devin J. F-149 Ashton is working on a new chat client for us to use as our DOJFire kik chat is filled up (50 of 50). Ashton urged us to be at the July 1st meeting for more information (via KIK chat), which hopefully means we will be introduced to a new chat platform!
  8. Fire Department Training


    @Jarno B. I just backed out because I finished training earlier. There is a spot available as of writing this. Good Luck!