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  1. I miss Internet and the DOJ... Being on LOA sucks.

  2. guess I don't need to share my opinions anymore. I always thought people just didn't really listen or care but now I was given a verbal warning for them *shrugs* oh well, I always keep to myself in patrol anyways.

    1. Jacques D. 3C-34

      Jacques D. 3C-34

      Your not alone bud, don't feel bad.

  3. Fire MDT Training


    available as a fill-in as per Jason K. C-303
  4. Feels good doing long patrols again, today was 10 hours. Even so, there are many many times during my patrols where I wish I was a much higher rank. I pay attention, so much, to every little thing that comes over the radio and what goes on in the world, like an 'an all seeing eye' of sorts that constantly watches and listens to everything, I'm just like "how about no, do it right" or want to issue verbal warnings about constant radio clutter and such, or even guide on proper procedures and situations that seem bizarre to most but I know how to handle, it's frustrating when the dispatchers and the higher ranks at the time don't say anything when something is clearly wrong, even simple tiny mistakes that can be solved with a sentence or 2. I'll get there eventually, even if I do wish it would come sooner rather then later I'll still work my way up just like I always have in communities, only then can I fully assist the DOJ with my knowledge and skills in their entirety.

    1. John F.
    2. Shayne M. 5M - 10

      Shayne M. 5M - 10

      Good work officer. Keep up the good work and there will always be rewards in line for you.

  5. alright! I'm back in action with my internet, hope to get a patrol in tonight at least, if not then ill start back up tomorrow!

    1. Shayne M. 5M - 10

      Shayne M. 5M - 10

      Sounds great. I am just working on getting three new monitors. Hope to join the Sheriff's Office soon on patrol.

  6. UGH!!! Have to wait till Friday for my internet so I can even play/patrol again! This sucks... And it's really hot here in Colorado too...

    1. Shayne M. 5M - 10

      Shayne M. 5M - 10

      Dang... It sounds like me yesterday.

  7. Sitting around waiting for internet for my PC sucks, sitting around waiting to move into my new house also sucks, sitting around not able to patrol ALSO sucks.

  8. I wanted to Say Happy belated birthday to Matthew L. !  His is an awesome deputy/person . He is one of the Deputies you wan't by your side ! I know if I am not on . that  Paleto Bay , Grape seed  , and Blaine county will be protected . Thank you  my brother Deputy . 

    1. Matthew L. 3C-54

      Matthew L. 3C-54

      thanks Risky, I really do appreciate you saying that alongside the happy birthday ^_^ it was great to patrol with you and same can be said for you as well, you are a great deputy that holds the law and peace of Blaine county true to the job!

    2. Ricky C. Civ-31

      Ricky C. Civ-31

      Thank you Sir.


  9. Yay for 24th birthday!

  10. BCSO Sheriff Meeting (Full department)


    3C-154 shall be attending.
  11. LEO Training


    if any slots open up I'm able to attend. 110000101BEBF8E Matthew L.
  12. LEO In-Class and In-Game training


    if any slots open up I'm able to attend today. 110000101BEBF8E Matthew L.
  13. LEO Training


    I'm able to attend. 110000101BEBF8E Matthew L.


    I shall attend if a slot opens up. 110000101BEBF8E Matthew L.
  15. LEO Training


    cant tell how long I have left till the start but I would like to attend if any slots open up. 110000101BEBF8E