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Highway Patrol
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  1. Wow, as traffic control it was horrible to deal with doing a traffic break on the merge from I1 to I2. Fun, but annoying.
  2. Disregard me LOA I will be back tomorrow. Everything was dealt with

    1. Steven B. 5D-129

      Steven B. 5D-129

      Should be able to get on today, dealt with the issues and everything should be all good.

  3. If I am able to get on tomorrow, I will. Just got a call saying I have off.

  4. WOW! they just called me in, looks like I won't be on the server at all

    1. Robert P. 1B-209

      Robert P. 1B-209

      What Happened?

    2. Steven B. 5D-129

      Steven B. 5D-129

      My boss called me into to work from 5-10PM

      ~How did the falcons lose xD

    3. Tyler Lee Davis

      Tyler Lee Davis

      hey i want to join the department of justice i hav'ent  got a massage yet so i can join i am 15 years old April 2 2001 see

  5. Got off today, might try to join the server and see if they actually did anything to fix my computer.

  6. I was in the channel when that happened. *10-93 *10-93 that's all we were saying. Finally Dan M. ...
  7. until

    If not everyone shows up, ill be there.
  8. until

    Same as Jacob.
  9. until

    I'll take Kyles spot, since he is already Highway Patrol
  10. until

    Josh, if not everyone shows up can I join in?
  11. until

    should we have our hexadecimal value ready?
  12. until

    EST *
  13. until

    I will be attending this classroom training on 1-8-17 at 3 PM
  14. until

    What waiting room should I be in?