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  1. Attending
  2. Guys! I am 20 views away from breaking 1,000 profile views!

    (not really a big deal, but 1,000 is a huge number)

  3. until

    Attending at this current time. Already trained
  4. until

    able to attend if spots open up
  5. until

    Unable to attend. Too late for me.
  6. I see me! Also, it wasn't by us, it was a gray/black sedan, saw the whole thing when I was getting gas.
  7. Makes a lot of sense.
  8. Great picture Daniel! Nice shot with the ambulance, the sun, and of course, the rusted car Honestly, great picture though.
  9. until

  10. until

  11. Thanks guys for the 22 followers and the 606 profile views!


    If we could get 60 more views that would be great. xD

  12. Gonna be off of LOA for today and then ill be back LOA until everything is worked out.

  13. Hey man what's up? I was wondering if you could answer a real quick question. What does it mean to RSVP?

    1. Steven B. | Control-812

      Steven B. | Control-812

      It means to sign up for it.


      If you want to RSVP to a in classroom, that means you want to do it and you have a spot to keep unless you need to go somewhere, than you would allow some to take your place.

      Simple Answer: you are saying you are going to go to the training 

  14. Just a little picture of the Highway Ford Explorer.