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  1. EMS Certification Class [EMT-P]


    Will be attending after the EMT-B course
  2. EMS Certification Class [EMT-B]


    I will most likely be attending...thanks for hosting. Already signed up awhile back, just got approved a few days ago.
  3. MDT Training for LEO & Fire Probationary / Reserves


    Look on the calendar for openings in LEO trainings.
  4. VOLUNTEER Fire Department Meeting


    Was there a recording taken at this meeting?
  5. Civilian Department Transfers: OPEN


    Yes, it will have instructions on how to do it on the application.
  6. Civilian Department Transfers: OPEN


    Yes, do that May 6-10, which is when the civilian department transfers are open. Then, fill out the department transfer application under "Member Applications" in the top right of your computer screen.
  7. Fire Department Training/Volunteer Training


    I need training for Volunteer, so I will be attending. (I cannot seem to find a way to RSVP, so this will have to work)