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  1. LEO Training


    All those that want to attend but have not rvsp'd go to the field training room and i will do what i can for you.
  2. LEO Training

    I will be hosting a complete LEO Training (In-class and In-game) Session. Requirements for this training: 1. Be a Law Enforcement Recruit or Law Enforcement Reserve 2. Have the 3.0 user files downloaded and Installed (Found in the Patrol Lobbies on Team Speak) 3. Have FiveM downloaded and installed (Seek myself or other Tech support members if you're having issues) 4. Come with a positive attitude RSVP and Comments Rules The RSVP Limit is set at 2. NO EXCEPTIONS If there is room to RSVP do it NOW! In the event that there is no available spots please stop reading and look back to see when a spot will open up. ONLY if you have successfully RSVPed (To this event) of your attendance does the following steps apply to you. Comment your Hexadecimal Value 1. Open your steam profile 2. Right Click on your profile picture 3. Copy Page URL 4. Open " https://steamid.io/ " 5. Paste the URL of your profile in the "INPUT" Box 6. Click Lookup 7. Copy the SteamID64 (Clipboard on the right) 8. Open the Decimal to Hex Converter ( http://www.binaryhexconverter.com/decimal-to-hex-converter ) 9. Paste your SteamID64 in the "Decimal Value" Box 10. Click Convert 11. Copy the Hexadecimal Value 12. Reply in the comments your Hexadecimal Value In the unlikely hood that you get " 1100001000056BA " Then you have done something incorrectly. 1. Re-attempt the steps 2. Come see me or another member of the tech support team for further assistance. (Recommend having teamviewer 12 installed) *Late admissions will not be accepted* FAQs: 1. The RSVP limit has been reached can I still attend? ( The answer is NO as we must provide our FTO LEADS the hexadecimals 24 Hours in advance.) 2. If more FTO's join us for this training will the RSVP Limit increase? (The answer is NO due to smaller classes it allow us to have a greater concentration for the recruits taking the classes. Your education is our number 1 priority. Therefor with 5, 6, or 7 recruits we will not have enough time to cover the material thoroughly.) I Hope to see everyone there, Gideon L. FIELD TRAINING OFFICER IN TRAINING
  3. Finally free and ready to patrol!

  4. Full LEO Training


    Will attend as FTA Hex : 11000010739F8FE
  5. LEO Training


    Will try to attend as FTA Hex : 11000010739F8FE
  6. Full Leo Training


  7. LEO Training


  8. Whale Spotting on Shark 1

    dammit zack
  9. Testing status update 

    1. CMSgt. Magness

      CMSgt. Magness

      Giving you clear confirmation that your Status Update has worked Sir.

    2. Gideon L. 2B-35|F-641|C756
  10. Dispatch Training


    I will be going
  11. Dispatch Training


    So Sorry, I was planning to attend, but unfortunately I haven't gotten a reply back on my dispatch reserve application and it looks like it won't be looked at in time for the training.
  12. 100% chance of speeders and lightening

  13. In Game Training


    im in the welcome lobby
  14. In Game Training


    tell the fto to move me
  15. In Game Training


    where are you guys