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  1. Dispatch Training


    Hunter has just advised me that this training will not be going ahead today due to real life commitments. I cannot perform the training unfortunately, and Hunter will try and reschedule either later today or later this week.
  2. Dispatch Training


    There was a Community Meeting for every member of DOJ. Please be patient, I am trying to get in contact with Hunter.
  3. Dispatch Training


    To all people asking about timezones, the calendar is set to your COMPUTER time! So it is in your timezone!
  4. Community Meeting


    Nic, the calendar is set for your computer time so just look under the event title and there will be the time.
  5. Dispatch Training


    I will be attending as an LSPD Dispatch Reserve trainee.
  6. Tech Support Seminar


    I will also not be able to attend the seminar as i will be at school, as it is a friday where i live but i would also like to be part of tech support.
  7. LEO In Game Training


    I would love to go if a space becomes available
  8. LEO In Game Training


    Shame i couldnt do it earlier...