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  1. Good Morning Los Santos!

  2. White, Emily White

  3. Universal love.

    +1 Another angle:
  4. Officers talking to me

    Officers were talking to me about what happened
  5. An amazing Scene

    There was a guy [CIV-53] selling jerky on the side of the road so I pulled over and tried a bunch. It got me really, really thirsty, [Extreme Thirst, symptom of LSD] so I drank a bunch of water and had more. I threw up the water. Cop pulled over when I was on the ground. They sipped me water and a few more cops showed up, and a few more, and a few more. I was chilly but sweating like a pig. They took my statement. They offered me water again, I refused it. I fell asleep and starting falling from the sky- falling falling and landed in the ambulance which woke me up. There were like colors and stuff... Complaining my head is heavy [All the water is absorbing into the brain, making it heavier] (and other small hints at effects from LSD). I told them about the guy that gave me the bar, and dozed off to sleep. Told them a lady in a pink truck with pink hair gave it to me at the Ron station in Paleto Bay. I fell asleep again on the ride to Sandy Shores Med [Went amazing! CVE was there for my truck, Wildlife Rangers to investigate the questionable meat contents, DUI because of the LSD I had taken and EMS to help me out, and it wasn't hectic. about a 45 minute scenario
  6. LSFD Ultimate Fleet

    Wasn't it just a normal firetruck with the color changed? @Damien P. Civ-22 | C-734
  7. LSFD Ultimate Fleet