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  1. LEO Training

    I will be hosting a complete LEO Training (In-class and In-game) Session. Mandatory Requirements for this training: 1. Be a Law Enforcement Recruit or Law Enforcement Reserve with an accepted application. 2. Have the 3.0 user files downloaded, installed, and ready before the training begins. (Found in the Patrol Lobbies on TeamSpeak) 3. Have FiveM downloaded, installed, and ready before the training begins. (Seek Tech support if you're having issues) 4. Have studied 10 Codes and the SA Penal Code. All recruits will be evaluated on both during training. 5. Have your steam profile name and website profile name set to your Recruit name. (ex. John D.) 6. Have a stable internet connection. Losing connection more than two times during training will result in you being removed from training. 7. Be able to stay for the entire length of the training. Recruits that leave during a training will restart from the beginning in another training. 8. Be RSVP'ed for this training. 9. Do not be RSVP'ed to another training, this may result in you being removed from the training. 10. Come with a positive attitude and be prepared to learn. RSVP and Comments Rules The RSVP Limit is set at 2. NO EXCEPTIONS. If there is room to RSVP do it NOW! In the event that there are no available spots stop reading and look back to see if a spot will open up. ONLY if you have successfully RSVPed to this event does the below apply to you. How to obtain your Hexadecimal Value 1. Open your steam profile 2. Right Click on your profile picture 3. Copy Page URL 4. Open " https://steamid.io/ " 5. Paste the URL of your profile in the "INPUT" Box 6. Click Lookup 7. Copy the SteamID64 (Clipboard on the right) 8. Open the Decimal to Hex Converter ( http://www.binaryhexconverter.com/decimal-to-hex-converter ) 9. Paste your SteamID64 in the "Decimal Value" Box 10. Click Convert 11. Copy the Hexadecimal Value 12. Reply in the comments your Hexadecimal Value In the unlikely event that you get " 1100001000056BA " Then you have done something incorrectly. 1.Re-attempt the steps listed above. 2.Come see me or a member of the tech support team for further assistance. (Recommend having teamviewer 12 installed) *Make sure to arrive in the waiting room at least fifteen (15) minutes early. Late recruits will not be allowed to join regardless of RSVP.* FAQs: 1. The RSVP limit has been reached can I still attend? ( The answer is NO as we must provide our FTO LEADS the hexadecimals 24 Hours in advance.) 2.If more FTO's join us for this training will the RSVP Limit increase? (The answer is NO due to smaller classes it allows us to have a greater concentration for the recruits taking the classes. Your education is our number 1 priority. Therefore with 5, 6, or 7 recruits we will not have enough time to cover the material thoroughly.) 3. If someone doesn't come and I commented first can I get their spot? (The answer is NO only those that have RSVP'd to the event and posted their hexadecimals 24 hours in advance of the training will be allowed to participate in the training.) 4. I can't make it to the training now what do I do? (The answer is to un-RSVP from the event and contact me on TeamSpeak before the training.) Verified/Confirmed Recruits (No recruits will be verified and confirmed less than 24 prior to this training.) 1. Faiz H. ( 1100001073C321E ) 2. Kyle J. ( 1100001097F4E86 ) I look forward to seeing everyone there! Magnus H. Field Training Assistant


    Attending as FTA
  3. LEO Training


    I'll attend as second FTA
  4. Fire Department Training (Full-time/Volunteer)


    RSVP if spot opens.
  5. Tech Support Seminar


    Count me in!
  6. LEO In Game Training


    I'll be attending, looking forward to it
  7. LEO In Game Training


    RSVP if spot opens
  8. LEO In Classroom Training


    I'll be attending