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  1. LEO Recruit Training


    Please change your website name to match your teamspeak name
  2. LEO Recruit Training

    Attention all Law Enforcement recruits needing Law Enforcement In-Class/In-Game training. I will be conducting an In-Class and In-Game combination training for LEO recruits/reserves. Introduction I will be accepting Three (3) recruits/reserve LEO recruits who have had their application accepted, to participate in an In-Class and In-Game Law Enforcement Training. Those seven recruits NEED to have the following completed, at least 24 hours before the scheduled training. Post Training Requirements Part 1: Five Reborn install Be sure to have FiveM/Five Reborn installed and ready to go prior to the training. To download, do the following: - Copy and paste the following link into your address bar: https://fivem.net. -After downloading the client, you will need to place the client into it's own folder, later placing said folder onto your desktop. DO NOT PLACE THIS FOLDER INTO YOU DIRECTORY AS YET. Next, you need to run and install the client by following the instructions the client provides. If you encounter any problems with this process, be sure to utilize the forums for further assistance. If you still encounter technical issues, visit the support desk 48 hours prior to the training date to ensure you are ready to go the day of the training. DO NOT come to the training without having FiveM/FiveReborn installed and ready to go. Training will not be held for your technical issues. Part 2: User File Install 2) Download and install the User Files (3.0) that can be found using the following link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6n4gkuUaG_XYmduQ2VlUDRYaTg/view - To install: - Drag and Drop "citizen", "plugins", "er-config.xml" files into your main Five Reborn Directory. -Make sure to replace the files that it asks you to. Part 3: Hexadecimal BE SURE to send me your hexadecimal 48 hours prior to the above scheduled training. To obtain your hexadecimal, perform the following tasks. 1. Open your steam profile 2. Right Click on your profile picture 3. Copy Page URL 4. Open " https://steamid.io/ " 5. Paste the URL of your profile in the "INPUT" Box 6. Click Lookup 7. Copy the SteamID64 (Clipboard on the right) 8. Open the Decimal to Hex Converter ( http://www.binaryhexconverter.com/decimal-to-hex-converter ) 9. Paste your SteamID64 in the "Decimal Value" Box 10. Click Convert 11. Copy the Hexadecimal Value 12. Reply in the comments your Hexadecimal Value In the unlikely hood that you get " 1100001000056BA " Then you have done something incorrectly. If unsuccessful, re-attempt the steps Miscellaneous Be sure to RSVP if you intend on going. This is first come first serve. Be sure to RSVP. If you attend an earlier session or are unable to attend this training session for what-ever reason, be sure to contact me 24 hours in advanced so that your spot can get filled. Do not wait until the day of to advise of your anticipated non appearance. Be sure to allot atleast four hours to dedicate to the training. If you are unable to sit in for the full four hours, then do NOT RSVP as if you have to leave early for ANY reason, you will HAVE to partake in the entire training at a later date.. Meeting location for the below selected recruits will be in the field training room 1, 2 or 3 on TS depending on other training's taking place that day. BE ON TIME Come with a positive attitude and be ready to participate in training. Leave all joking around and playing outside of the training. Accepted Recruits for training The following recruits are to show up 15 minutes prior to the scheduled training. Any late arrivals will be left in the waiting room. 1. Bryan J. 2. George T. 3. Jeremy C. 4. juliushelms2008
  3. LEO Training


    I will be there Hex: 11000010BEBAFC3 I for some reason can't get back in ts. Can someone help me?
  4. LEO In-Game Training


    attending if they do not show up
  5. LEO In Classroom Training


    I will be attending.