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  1. In Game Training for Law Enforcement.

    This will be an In Game Training You MUST be there by the time the training starts and you MUST have your hexadecimal value ready. (Steps will be posted below) In Class Training will take up to 1.5 hours to complete, and we will cover everything you will need to know to be in the clan and remain in the clan on good terms. Class will begin promptly at 4pm CST (You are expected to do any time conversions by yourself) FTO's - If you can attend, please contact me via kik as soon as possible FTA's - If you need to listen in on a training, and would like to help, please contact me just before the training starts. How to obtain your Hexadecimal value 1. Get your steam URL (www.steamcommunity.com/ID/Your_Steam_Name) 2. Go to Steamid.io and post the URL in the box 3. Copy the Steam64 # 4. Go to http://www.binaryhexconverter.com/decimal-to-hex-converter 5. Paste the Steam64 into the decimal value, and click convert. 6. Copy the hexadecimal value and have it ready for when I ask.
  2. Law Enforcement In Class Training

    Event details I will be hosting the In-Class Training. Make sure to RSVP to let me know that you will be attending this training, if plans change, make sure to let me know a day before the training. **If you are an FTA and want to help in this training, make sure let me know the ahead of time to know if I need to up the RSVP Number up** **If you complete your training early, make sure to opt yourself out of the training**
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    @Tim W. 1M-25 if I'm home in time I'll be assisting you.
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    I'll be sitting in Tim
  5. Sitting roadside

  6. Sitting roadside

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