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  1. The training is all happening tomorrow, you shouldn't be too late hahaha.
  2. fire


    FiveReborn requires a legitimate copy of GTA V.
  3. until

    Can Civilian's hoping to join the Civ department later down the road attend?
  4. If it's still scheduled, I'll be at the 8 PM one.
  5. fire


    OK, please send a private message to the person who posted that response and they will help you with the interview. I am not of rank to assist with things on the interview server.
  6. fire


    The accepted application is literally the application you submit. Someone replied to it saying you were accepted.
  7. fire


    All the instructions for connecting to the interview server can be found in the response telling you that your application was approved.
  8. Gonna try and attend one of these sessions, not sure which though.
  9. fire


    You post an application, right? Has that been accepted or denied? Or still pending?
  10. fire


    Are you still an Applicant, or did you get accepted past your interview stage?
  11. fire


    If you've already been accepted, hop on ts and one of us tech support guys will be happy to explain this to you and get you setup.
  12. until

    I should be there to sit in.
  13. until

    I'll be sitting in as a refresher.
  14. until

    I should also be there for a sit in.
  15. Same question. ^