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  1. Good News! I have my computer back and I will be able to continue my full job back on Monday. It was very thoughtful and nice for a person ( I will not list their name just for their sake.) to get me this computer. Just an update. Have a nice day!

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    2. Jspell



      1) Is this computer only?

      2) How can I get in contact with a group so I could be a Civ.

      3) How hard is it to find a lobby for this? And how do you do so.

    3. Officer kennis

      Officer kennis

      Is this only computer only

    4. Dan man

      Dan man

      I'm here responding to my application that was accepted and this was the only way I could contact you Wesley A. so I wanted to apologize in advance for not doing this sooner but I was on vacation at the beach and I just am getting back to you due to work and having a busy week so I would hope to get in contact with you soon 

  2. Dispatch Meeting


    Hope we have a great meeting. See you all at 5pm PST
  3. Congrats on Operator I

  4. How do I get the communications color on my name

    1. Wesley A.

      Wesley A.

      When you get approved on the website. Someone from the Admin team will you get you set up.