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  • Our Mission

    The mission of the San Andreas Highway Patrol is to provide the highest level of safety, service, and secruity.

  • Command Staff

    Commissioner - Baker D. 5D-1

    Deputy Commissioner - Vacant 5D-2

    Commander - Vacant 5D-3

    Major - Vacant 5D-4

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  • Conducting Yourself on a Traffic Stop



  • Vision

    Our vision is to grow, adapt and evolve to continue to offer the best protection available.

  • Subdivisions

    The Highway Patrol has many different subdivisions at its disposal to complete daily tasks. These subdivisions do anything from special traffic enforcement, investigations, and dealing with wildlife.


    Air Support Unit - Logan C.

    Commercial Vehicle Enforcement - Philip L.

    Investagations Unit - Devon C.

    Motor Bike Unit - Andrew M.

    Wildlife Troopers - Accepting SOPs

  • Monthly Saftey Tip: July 2017


    How to Use Safety Seat Belts Properly
    • A safety belt can only protect you if it is used -- and used properly.
    • Provide enough safety belts for each person traveling in your vehicle. Each person needs their own safety belt. Make sure all safety belts are working properly.
    • Show you care. Ask passengers in the front and rear seats to use their safety belts. Most people will gladly buckle up if the driver asks them to.
    • Do not start your car until all safety belts are fastened.
    • Adjust your safety belt so it fits snugly over your hip bones. It should cross your lap low on the hips, not high across your stomach.
    • A shoulder belt should go over your shoulder and across your body diagonally. It should never be worn under your arm.