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  • Our Mission

    The mission of the San Andreas Highway Patrol is to provide the highest level of safety, service, and secruity.

  • Command Staff

    Commissioner - Baker D. 5D-1

    Deputy Commissioner - Vacant 5D-2

    Commander - Vacant 5D-3

    Major - Pringles A. 5D-4

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  • Conducting Yourself on a Traffic Stop



  • Vision

    Our vision is to grow, adapt and evolve to continue to offer the best protection available.

  • Subdivisions

    The Highway Patrol has many different subdivisions at its disposal to complete daily tasks. These subdivisions do anything from special traffic enforcement, investigations, and dealing with wildlife.


    Air Support Unit - Logan C.

    Commercial Vehicle Enforcement - Philip L.

    Investagations Unit - Martin D.

    Wildlife Troopers - Vacant

  • Monthly Saftey Tip: May 2017

    How To Avoid Being A Speed Related Crash Statistic
    • Obey the posted speed limit on all roads.
    • Reduce your speed when road conditions are less than ideal.
    • Stay alert to changing road conditions and to the vehicles around you.
    • Go with the flow. Travel at the same pace as other traffic, staying within the speed limit. If most other vehicles are speeding, stay to the right.
    • At night and in other low visibility conditions, reduce speed and increase your following distance. Make certain you are seen by other drivers -- use your headlights.
    • Maintain your vehicle and tires in safe working order.
    • When following another vehicle, follow at a distance of at least two seconds. When the rear bumper of the vehicle ahead of you passes a stationary object, count "one thousand and one, one thousand and two." As you finish counting, your front bumper should reach the same point.
    • Always wear your safety belt. In a sudden swerve or other emergency maneuver, it will keep you behind the wheel where you can maintain control.
    • Never drink and drive.
    • Know you limitations and adjust to them. Drivers under age 25 tend to be in good physical shape, but also tend to lack experience and mature judgement. Drivers over 65 have experience, but may have diminished physical and sensory capabilities. The ability to see well at night decreases with age, becoming noticeable after about age 40.