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E.A.T. Cross Country Event

Event details

The Events Action Team is hosting a Cross Country event! 

this event will be hosted in a DOJRP official server all rules still apply any DOJRP member is allowed to attend if you can get in game.

we have set a guideline of rules for the race and there are strict Attire rules per dept. so read below before attending! 

Cross country R&R

not listed: fire units participating in the event are allowed to use their workout/exercise gear

we are allowing everyone to study the map before and during the race linked below.

Cross country Race map

for more information on the event read below.

Cross country event Summary


All outfits and participation approved by; LSPD Admin Team, SAHP Admin Team, BCSO Admin Team and SAFD Admin Team. Event fully approved for server use by Communications Admin.

Recommended Comments

Should dispatchers wear same attire as civs? (My primary department is Communications Dept and I'm a brand new LEO reserve, without training that is. But I have everything installed and I am able to connect to the servers). My apologies for not asking earlier. 

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