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Interjurisdictional DUI Sobriety Checkpoint


Community Event
Wo R.

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We will muster behind the Vinewood Bowl located at: 531 Vinewood Park Drive [S4] at 8:30 PM US CST for briefing prior to beginning the operation.

We will be utilizing the DOJ Official Discord Server 4 Channel to communicate. Please join the Discord before 8:30 PM US CST.

Any LEO wishing to attend, please RSVP and comment below with your subdivision assignment and role/skill.

If you RSVP and are unable to attend, please notify via the comments below or PM/DM myself @Wo R. 5D-140, @Motard#0415[Discord]

Civs are not required to RSVP, just provide quality roleplay.

Officers from other subdivisions in any department are welcome according to the needs listed below:

1 ADAT Supervisor or SAHP Sergeant+

Any other Supervisor(s) that are required

2-5 DUI Officers

2 Motor Officers

1 K-9 Team

1 Narcotics Investigator

1-2 Tow Operators

1 AMR Sprint Technician or any 1 EMS/Fire Rescue available

Recommended Comments

We will not be accepting anymore reservations at this time. A server number will be determined shortly.

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The operation will take place on server 4 during an open patrol. If there are any changes you will be notified here prior to the initial start of the operation. 

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We are using SAHP Discord, S3 Channel

Edited by Wo R. 5D-140

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