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The Complete Statewide Districts Operation


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Events Action Team Leadership Event

After weeks of planning the Events Action Team Leadership Group has come up with the event entitled The Complete Statewide Districts Operation. This event will be a statewide patrol using multiple different dispatchers and different frequencies for both Law Enforcement and Fire Department. All law enforcement agencies will be split up on different frequencies as it is in real life. We are hoping for enough fire units to cover the entire state and enough law enforcement to cover 3 different frequencies. We will be able to expand to 2 separate servers if the situation calls for it hence why no RSVP Limit. If you are interested in joining us please read through the Rules for this event located by clicking here. This event will be lots of fun hope to see you there! Any questions may be addressed to a Team Coordinator or above.


Meet in scenario Prep Room on TS

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On 11/29/2019 at 11:16 PM, Jon G. Civ-226 | 5R-816 said:

Great! I hope this becomes standard in the future. 🙂

If everything turns out well, and there is a huge amount of positive response from everyone I am sure it will get administrations attention!

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