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Christmas Parade

Event details

The Events Action Team is proud to announce our next event:


This will be hosted by the Events Action Team


Server 5 (probably) @ Postal 166/167

Sunday, December 23rd @ 1:00 PM PST // 3:00 PM CST // 4:00 PM EST

Resources Needed (can vary depending on who shows up):
15 LEO (preferably 5 from each department)
5 Fire/EMS
12 Civilians
1 or 2 Dispatchers (preferably Tactical certified)

Parade Route:


Recommended Comments

@everyone if you still plan to attend, and you haven't already please comment what department, and subdivision if applicable, you plan to attend as. Just want to have a ballpark idea so I can better plan the parade. Thanks in advance!!


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If there is anyone willing to do so I would very much appreciate if during this event I could have a secondary for dispatch.

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