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[Event] LSPD UNION/District Patrol


Community Event
Ray O. 2L-47

Event details

LSPD UNION/District Patrol
presented by the LSPD Event Coordinations Team

Meetup location is Server 3* - 10-1 (5 min prior)

This Event is aimed to result in a more realistic patrol, compared to your standard casual patrol.


What does that mean?

Well, to explain pretty straight forward, it will be a LS AOP patrol, where each district gets its own radio frequency and dispatcher. All Units will be running, paired into a 10-12. For a more detailed explanation, reference the Event SOP

Who can participate?

Primarly, this event is focused towards the LSPD, Civs, Fire and Communications. However, SAHP and LCSO are welcome to fill in empty spots, should some get free.

How long will this Event be?

This patrol will start with a 15 minute briefing, where we go over the SOP, followed by a 3 hour patrolled, that starts with a Roll Call in your District Station (ingame).

Can I do a 10-12 with my buddy?

Of course, your preferred partner can most likely be your 10-12 partner. All others will be assigned a partner.

I am in a Reserve Dpt. Can I be active as that?

Yes, reserves are welcome to join in.

Will I be able to choose my District?

Due to the expected amount of units the Event Coordinators will assign districts, but preferences can be PMed to the Event Team.

This event is too late/too early for me.

Don’t worry. This is a pilot event and will be happening more often, depending on the feedback.


If you want to participate, RSVP and Comment the role, that you would like to play as (PD/Subdivision, Civ, Communications, Fire, LCSO, SAHP, reserve Civ, ...)

Recommended Comments

Communications, Metro preferred

Got the cold, and took a tablet that will make me drowsy, drugged. Secondary preferred

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Can't wait! Probably gonna have my mouth full of tacos while I drive around.

In other words, coming as Civ. (Not LSPD)

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