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LAPD Styled Patrol (Civ, Comms, LSPD, & LSFD Only)

Event details

Event Full currently, leave a comment if you'd like to attend. Feel free to goto the queue during the patrol for the ability to be pulled in


This event is quite simple, we will be representing our real life counterpart LAPD and sticking all of our patrolmen in a bunch of black and whites with hundreds of thousands of miles on them. Specified vehicles will be available to all patrol units in the metro livery for city wide use. All patrolmen will be using the black uniform with the metro patches and badges, subdivisions will be allowed however, they must use the vehicle available within their division. The following is a vehicle and uniform structure associated with that patrol. During this patrol units will not be required to mark districts however staff+ will still be enforcing a decent spread throughout the city. The patrol is expected to last around two hours, fire is welcomed & encouraged to join. Other departments will not be allowed to join due to LSPD reserving a server for LSPD event. (Excluding LSFD, Comms, & Civ).

LSPD Staff will be moderating the queue and allowing members who RSVP'd in and LSPD members who would like to join during the patrol. The patrol will last for approximately two hours.

Reference the following Document for more information


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