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Airsoft Tournament

Event details

The Events Action Team is proud to announce the next event:

Airsoft Tournament


Who: Department of Justice RP Members(Slots limited due to server capacity).

What: Community Airsoft Tournament

Where: Empty Server (Probably Server 5)

Rules, Game Modes and Additional Notes



If you are hit YOU ARE OUT FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE ROUND. Do not complain that you are not hit or you didn't get grazed. This is for fun do not ruin it by complaining.

No Bullet Damage must be ENABLED for the duration of this game. This is to ensure when you get "tagged" you don't lose health. This setting is not to be abused while in game. If you die be honorable and do not keep fighting.


Game Modes

Team Deathmatch (TDM): Team captains will be assigned at random from a random generator, they will then get to pick who they want on their team (schoolyard pick style), no respawning until the end of the round. Best out of 5.


King of The Hill: Team Captains will remain the same. This game mode is when both teams are attacking an objective and the team that gets to the objective first must secure it and hold it for 5 minutes. If the other team takes it over or "tags" all members of the other team then they win. Best out of 5


"Every Man for Himself": Exactly as the name entails all teams will be dissolved for this game mode and every person is alone. The same rules apply for getting "tagged". You can make alliances, however choose them wisely because the objective is to be the last man standing. Best out of 5.


Additional Notes

This event will take place in multiple different locations throughout the server depending on the attendance. We will also be utilizing the On Scene Channels and the Civ Group Channels if we need too. Each team will wear specific outfits colored coded, and 1 vehicle for each team. The outfits, colors, and vehicles will be decided before the game starts.



Recommended Comments

Hey everyone just a quick note:

If we have enough people we have been allowed 2 servers. Any questions should be directed to EAT Leadership(Advisor+). 

Thanks everyone!

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