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  • Picture of the Week


    Submitted by: Brandon P. Civ-544

  • Code of Conduct

    Civilians must follow all Community rules
    Civilians must follow Chain of Command 
    Civilians must refrain from any type of role play that may be offensive to other members including but not limited to age, sex, sexual orientation, religion, and race. 
    All civilians must create and maintain a character profile / profiles that can be tracked and maintained through the DOJRP CAD. 
    Civilian unit number format is ‘Civ-###’


  • Civilian Operations Administration Team

    Civilian Director - Vacant

    Civilian Deputy Director - Svanik S.

    Civilian Chief of Staff - Ryan S.

    Civilian Deputy Chief of Staff - Vacant

    Civilian Secretary of Staff - Vacant


  • Upcoming Events

    No upcoming events found

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