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    Sorry i couldnt make it i set my alarm for 6:30 and my parents turned it off :(
  4. I'm trying to join and get recruited. I think i watched alot of polecats324 videos and bayareabuggs. That i got the hang of how it works 

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    I'll go
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    The United States Geological Survey has unveiled some troubling news with some of their recent research. The California Fault which runs through the state of San Andreas has been inactive for years. During that time, pressure has been building up in the faults, and according to the geologists it is due to release that pressure with the epicenter being the City of Los Santos at any time On November the 2nd, the city will crumble. Will you be ready? Personnel requirements: -10 to 12 FD personnel (volunteer or full time) with at least 3 members staff+ -10 LEO personnel with at least one supervisor present (AOP will be City so LSPD are encouraged to attend) -10 to 12 Civs (depending on number of fire) -a hand full of dispatchers for handling calls, dispatching for fire/EMS, LEO, and a dispatcher to coordinate the situation from the communications side. PLEASE RSVP TO THIS EVENT TO GUARANTEE THAT YOU HAVE A SPOT IN SERVER. INDIVIDUALS WHO HAVE NOT RSVP'D MAY ATTEND, BUT WILL BE ASKED TO LEAVE TO MAKE ROOM FOR SOMEONE WHO HAS RSVP'D. IF YOU CAN NO LONGER MAKE THE EVENT, PLEASE UN-RSVP. DISPATCHERS PLEASE DO NOT RSVP TO THIS EVENT UNLESS YOU ARE JOINING AS A RESERVE. The following list contains information on what kind of damage and areas of interest the community will be expected to understand and RP when the event is ongoing. This list is subject to change and may be modified before the event starts. Areas of interest: LSIA tarmac will be ripped up by the Earthquake, airplanes will be unable to takeoff or land (potential to role play damaged airport equipment/airplanes). Parts of the parking garage have collapsed due to the quake Damage to the pier causing partial collapse (potential to role play people in the water) Damage to western highways and port areas (Gaps in highway barriers caused by crashes, damage to infrastructure) One of the ships in the port was damaged from colliding with the concrete during the quake and partially sunk Landslides in the vinewood hills, collapse of the vinewood sign (persons trapped,etc) General traffic concerns (loss of power, traffic lights, damage to roadways, multiple collisions, etc) Damage to buildings, partial collapse of some buildings, injuries and entrapment from the debris Pillbox Hill hospital was severely damaged from the earthquake, Central Los Santos and Mt. Zonah Medical Center also suffered damage.
  8. Looks like I have a task on my Hands Now having to lead Casey's, sad To see the master retire.

  9. im trying to be a dispatcher but this is confusing, tips?


    1. TreX ReKt

      TreX ReKt

      Ive only started to sorry can u play on xbox on this website?

    2. Travis S.

      Travis S.

      no its pc only.


  10. I am trying to be a dispatcher on here, but its kinda complicated any tips?

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    @Brando R. 2L-458yessss
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    I believe @James M. 2L-25 already signed me up!
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    @Brandon V. 5D-169 @Wesley M. 2L-462 @George B. 5D-163 I got you all see u there
  14. Well,,,,,, Hi!

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    Intrested to join as a HP Probationary Trooper.
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    i'm interested
  17. Hey Dennis, is this community still going?


    1. Dennis T. 5D-392

      Dennis T. 5D-392

      Yep, still going strong!

    2. Hawki


      nice,  ill wait for the next registration cycle.

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