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  2. Hello and welcome new SRU Recruits. There will be an SRU In-Class Training hosted on 04/08/2020, at 2200 ZULU (Note: the time should have adapted to your computer system's time). Any SRU Recruit wishing to partake will have to RSVP to this Calendar event in order to attend. This training will be hosted by Julius D. 2L-38 | Viking 11. Please arrive at the SRU Training Room #1's Waiting Room in the DOJ Operations section on TeamSpeak five to ten minutes prior to the scheduled start of this training! If you are late by more than five minutes to this training you will be marked as absent, and forced to sign up for the next training. Requirements: In order to attend this training, you must fulfill all of the following requirements. Must be a recruit within the San Andreas Strategic Response Unit Must be able to attend for the whole duration of this training. If you are going to be unable to make the training after RSVP'ing, please Un-RSVP if able, or message me on Discord. Thank you!
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  4. His name is Ottis, I adopted him from the streets 4 months ago!
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