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    Donations & Support


         The Department of Justice Roleplay community was founded in February of 2013. In those years we have prided ourselves through dedication and hard work toward creating a welcoming and friendly atmosphere and environment for those that call this home. We strive towards making a community where those that support it can come and escape reality, play, and enjoy their free time with other like-minded people around them. We pride ourselves in knowing that we do the work day in and day out so that others can have the place to escape and have fun and with that a place to call a second family. To those that love and support this great community, we now offer the ability to donate directly to help with maintenance, maintaining, and upgrading our server boxes to keep providing the best level of experience that we can. We do not ask for or require donations to be a part of the DoJRP Family, but for those generous enough to give, we thank you. 


    Link To Support


         All donations to the DOJRP Head Administration are final and non-refundable. If there are any concerns or disputes that need to be made, please contact a Head Administrator directly. Please note that an administrator can NOT assist with anything related to donations given in support of the DOJRP.


    DISCLAIMER: Donating to the DOJRP via this page does not grant any special privileges within the community, nor does it increase your chances of joining the community. All donations are done voluntarily and should only be done with your own money.


Important Information