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  • About Us

    The Los Santos Fire Department and Blaine County Fire Rescue Department are full spectrum, all-hazards life safety agencies that serve the entirety of the State of San Andreas, including Blaine County and all unincorporated areas within. The two departments protect the citizens and visitors of the state through 24 hour service from 9 fire stations covering approximately 30 sq. miles. In addition to fire suppression, rescue, and advanced life support (ALS) paramedic services, we provide service through many disciplines including technical rescue, hazardous materials response, urban search and rescue, maritime response, lifeguard services, forestry, fire prevention and investigation, as well as our own Air Operations division. 

    We stand ready to meet and respond to the needs of the communities and public we serve whenever and wherever we are needed.


    Mission Statement

    To protect life, property, and the environment through exemplary and innovative service, proactive prevention, community risk reduction, and unwavering professionalism.


    Our Motto

    “Serving with Courage, Integrity & Pride”


  • Photo Competition Winner

    This month's competition theme was "District Shots", Captain Chris's photo showed his Engine outside the movie studio!

    Chris C. F-203



  • Los Santos Fire Department Subdivisions

    The Los Santos Fire Department has a number of highly specialized subdivisions that work and train tirelessly to serve the citizens of San Andreas. From working technical rescues, arson investigations, or wildland firefighting, we have roles to fit every firefighter's interests. 

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    The Fire Marshal’s Office sends its city’s finest Fire Investigators to enforce whatever the San Andreas Fire Code throws at them. They have primary jurisdiction, across San Andreas, as Fire Code Enforcement. They investigate fires, conduct monthly building inspections, manage fire permits, assist in raids against wanted arsonists, and respond to fire violation calls. We serve to educate the Public of San Andreas with Fire Safety and Fire Education.


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    The San Andreas Forest Service (San Fire) is partnered with the Los Santos Fire Department to provide top-notch Fire and EMS services to the wilderness areas of San Andreas. San Fire does this through hiring and training individuals within the LSFD pool of employees to select the elite few for this dangerous and rigorous task. In the end however, the brave men and women that are chosen will serve the state well in what they do. Some of the emergency services that San Fire provides are forest and brush firefighting, wilderness search and rescue, and off-road medical treatment and transport. San Fire also operates a fleet of brush trucks, Firehawk helicopters, and bulldozers to provide the best service to the citizens of San Andreas.



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    The Medical Examiner’s Office investigates cadavers with suspicious circumstances surrounding the deaths. The Medical Examiner’s Office, identifies their manner and cause of death within these suspicious deaths, as well as provides a state of the art forensics laboratory, that includes DNA analysis. Services the Medical Examiner’s office conducts are on-site investigations; identification of remains; performing autopsies; DNA sampling and testing on unknown remains; examinations of the homicide scene; sexual assaults, and other crimes which require DNA to be extracted from Evidence. 



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    American Medical Response is a for-profit private ambulance service that provides both emergency and non-emergency transport services for the state of San Andreas. AMR is the largest ambulance provider in the country and strives to be the premier ambulance service in the state by providing efficient response, quality training via LSFD, state-of-the-art equipment, a close operational relationship with our fire department colleagues, and of course; competent and compassionate employees. All employees go through extensive training provided by LSFD to ensure that its members are of the highest caliber before hitting the streets. AMR is both a BLS and ALS capable provider to ensure the highest level of service for the citizens of San Andreas.


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    The Division of Special Operations oversees four sub-operations that each are exceptionally trained to deal with the most complex situations thrown at firefighters. They are comprised of Air Operations, Hazmat Operations, Urban Search & Rescue, and Maritime Operations; which also encompasses Lifeguard. DSO has something for every firefighter's interest, and constantly provides new challenges for it's members to tackle each day.

    Air Operations

    This Bureau is responsible for providing airborne firefighting, search and rescue, as well as airlift and life flight operations to the citizens of San Andreas. This division is essential as it allows firefighters to get access to areas that would have been impossible to reach before, get to scenes faster, and provide a better standard of patient care.


    Hazmat Operations

    The Hazardous Materials Response Team is a specialized team within the LSFD Division of Special Operations. This service provides a planned response to incidents where the public is exposed to risks created from a release of or fire involving Hazardous Materials (HazMat). From a small gasoline leak, to a biological threat, the Hazardous Materials Response Team is equipped to handle every HazMat-related issue. 


    Urban Search and Rescue

    The Urban Seach and Rescue Team is responsible for search and rescues throughout Los Santos and the state of San Andreas. These members are specially trained in Rope Rescue, Air Monitoring, Confined Space/Trench Rescue, Building Collapse, Advanced Extrication, and Lost/Missing Persons. All members have some basic knowledge of landing zone procedures, water rescue, and HazMat Awareness in order to have the ability to deal with any situation they come across. We also operate a Canine team to assist in resolving searches as safely and efficiently as possible.


    Maritime Operations

    This Bureau is responsible for Maritime Firefighting, swift/open water rescue, and recovery operations throughout the waters of Los Santos. They operate a fleet of vessels that allow a safe and efficient response to both inland bodies of water and the surrounding ocean. We are also involved in various Prevention and education practices in order to keep the citizens of San Andreas safe in and around the water.


    City of Los Santos Lifeguards

    The Los Santos Fire Department Lifeguard Division is a separate division within the LSFD that is overseen by the Division of Special Operations. It is the primary jurisdictional agency responsible for providing lifeguarding services in the city of Los Santos. The Division covers over 5 miles of coastline from Marina Del Sol to Chumash, with the ability to respond into the Port of Los Santos and surrounding area, as well as to offshore incidents in the Pacific Ocean if necessary. Lifeguards provide emergency medical services, ocean rescue, dive rescue, beach enforcement, and community outreach and education to beachgoers. All Lifeguards are certified EMTs and are often the first BLS resource on scene within their jurisdiction, allowing patients to receive prompt initial stabilization prior to arrival of paramedics and other advanced providers. The Division also hires Civilian employees on a seasonal basis as dictated by the time of year and crowd size. 



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  • Chain of Command

    Fire Chief - Jackson W.
    Deputy Fire Chief - Braden W.
    Assistant Fire Chief - Adam F.
    Assistant Fire Chief - Sebastian F.
    Battalion Chief - Kris D.

    EMS Captain - Devan H.
    Traffic Captain - Sam D.
    Fire Captain - Trenton M.
    Fire Lieutenant - Samir Z.
    Water Supply Lieutenant - Josh S.
    EMS Lieutenant - 

    Division Commander
    Station Commander
    Station Officer

    Station Supervisor
    Station Assistant Supervisor


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