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  1. How do I get the teamspeak information again? I had to reset my computer which made me lose all of my teamspeak info including my bookmarks.

    1. Matthew B. 1

      Matthew B. 1

      Replied By Direct Message

  2. Fire, won't be there tonight


    1. Rocky Y. 3C-54

      Rocky Y. 3C-54

      ok thank you 


    2. Rodji S. 3C-277

      Rodji S. 3C-277

      Could you get ahold of  Greg C 5D-308 and tell him we’re cleaning up and I’ll be just a little late for his training but I definitely will be there if he’s okay with that??? Please sir!

  3. I am not able to attend the training tonight because of work. I'll have to reschedule 


    1. Walt C. 3C-305

      Walt C. 3C-305

      Alright no worries!


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