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  1. Wow what a crazy patrol today was. Love the snow as it gives me so many scenario Ideas I bet I won’t be able to do them all before the snow is gone.

  2. "My Dream Is To Design My Own Wheelchair, Now where do I start" (Side Note a Wheelchair in the game would be sick also)


  3. I am so happy that I was chosen to prove myself to the department and community I love and enjoy. I look forward to seeing what the future holds. This is an amazing milestone after One year of being in the place I call home. Thank you to all those who love my Role Play and who have become friends with over the year.  

    1. Logan M. Civ-220 | 3C-974

      Logan M. Civ-220 | 3C-974

      Extremely grateful that I met you at the start of my DOJ career as you can say. You’re one of the best role players I know that’s dedicated to the community and it’s welfare 

    2. Vince T. 5S-8

      Vince T. 5S-8

      Well deserved promotion my friend! You have shown excellence in roleplay and a lot of activity. I am so happy for you 🙂 

  4. Not much longer and I would have been in this Community for 1 year, I have seen and learnt a lot and has helped me through some of life struggles. DOJ is full of great & inspirational people and it is an honour to Role Play with them in this place called home.

  5. Role Play isn’t about cops vs civilians it’s about the storey that your character portrays. yes you can go around being crazy but you can also have a two hour conversation about your characters background.

  6. "Losing Is Winning In RP". When you lose, you still get something out of the scene. 

    1. David M. 3W-116 | F-708

      David M. 3W-116 | F-708

      So I shouldn’t steal a police car and drive 10 million miles an hour and get away every time?

    2. Tyler K. Civ-1

      Tyler K. Civ-1

      No, thats no fun. :classic_sad:


  7. stuck out at sea with Sapphire due to the boat not starting we got saved by air rescue which was amazing experience. Doing scenarios that divisions can get involved in is awesome. Role Play Isn’t always about massive scenarios even small scenarios can be the best. 

  8. Cant wait for the snow in server will give me so so many RP Ideas, bring on the snow

  9. I learn and better my self every day. Been getting a lot of new Casey's Applications to keep me busy,🙂 Balance Role Play & Casey's 

  10. Looks like I have a task on my Hands Now having to lead Casey's, sad To see the master retire.

  11. Remember to always try to remain positive and remember anything you set your mind to is possible. 

  12. Thank You all those who pinged me with the congratulations much appreciated. I feel honored to be part of a great department.

    1. Drew S. Civ-546 | 5D-1298

      Drew S. Civ-546 | 5D-1298

      yo u got staff, ma boi Wheels out here killin the game 

    2. Ryan B. 1

      Ryan B. 1

      Grats on staff Tyler!! Well deserved my brother!

    3. Vince T. 5S-8

      Vince T. 5S-8

      Best staff member ever! Congratulations. You really deserve it 🙂

  13. When you feel like crap but try to stay positive

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    2. Vince T. 5S-8

      Vince T. 5S-8

      I am always here for you buddy! Stay positive and do your best 🙂

    3. Tyler K. Civ-1

      Tyler K. Civ-1

      Vincent check the picture I uploaded on Civ Gallery DOJ Website

    4. Vince T. 5S-8

      Vince T. 5S-8

      That's me! Awesome picture 😄

  14. When you hit that crossroad and you feel all alone and have to make that choice that only you can decide. 

  15. When you wake up and all you can think about is what you can Role Play next and when you get off for bed I'm always thinking up ideas for the next time. I also love coming up with ideas on the spot. Some how even after almost a year and daily role play I still love it. This is why DOJ is my home.

    1. Vince T. 5S-8

      Vince T. 5S-8

      This is why you are the best civ! I always notice how dedicated, creative and friendly you are. I also think about DOJ often, it is a great hobby which allows us to use our imagination.


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