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  1. Arthur got up in the night to go to the bathroom and ended up going onto the roof as the house caught on fire.
  2. Old Highschool buddies that used to be bank robbers in the days. After 40 years of laying low, they got the itch back.
  3. Mikkey Blue has a twin brother and enjoys watching the sunset
  4. Was Messing in the new muscle car and get pulled over By sheriff Vincent T. 3C-88. He ended up sneezing on my car and had to get a detail done.
  5. When you feel like crap but try to stay positive

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    2. Vincent T. 3C-79 | F-776

      Vincent T. 3C-79 | F-776

      I am always here for you buddy! Stay positive and do your best 🙂

    3. Tyler K. Civ-36

      Tyler K. Civ-36

      Vincent check the picture I uploaded on Civ Gallery DOJ Website

    4. Vincent T. 3C-79 | F-776

      Vincent T. 3C-79 | F-776

      That's me! Awesome picture 😄

  6. Waiting for passengers

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