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  1. Wow what a crazy patrol today was. Love the snow as it gives me so many scenario Ideas I bet I won’t be able to do them all before the snow is gone.

  2. Peter King parking in the parking lot and got a ticket from the machine, I then approach this trooper vehicle when I notice blood, I then call 911 and they show up and find him dead, I threw up a lot and ended up never getting the image out of his mind.
  3. Rebecca Sanders has to take medication regular when she runs out and has to get to the chemist to get more but ends up being pulled over, the trooper who pulled her over took a long time as he though she was under the influence of something but in reality she was just needing to take her meds, she even said she needed the meds but he carried on with the stop, when she was free to go she managed to get outside the chemist but it was closed and she ended up passing out and a passer by saved her life by finding her.
  4. Jenny Kinks Enjoying The Snow At Her New House
  5. Cant wait for the snow in server will give me so so many RP Ideas, bring on the snow