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  1. I just got promoted to Deputy I!

  2. Got my M4 Cert completed! :D

    1. Chris S. Civ-30 I 5R-217

      Chris S. Civ-30 I 5R-217

      Congratulations!  Don't shoot me :). Just kidding my good job on your performance and finally receiving your M4 Cert. I commend you!

    2. Cameron M. 3C-15
    3. Highline
  3. Congrats to @Josh B. 3C-14 for his promotion to Staff Sargeant!

  4. Got transferred to BCSO! :D

    1. William M. 5X-13

      William M. 5X-13

      Welcome to the team bud!

    2. Cameron M. 3C-15

      Cameron M. 3C-15

      Thanks, I appreciate it! Glad to be here.