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  1. If anyone needs tech support, this is the man to go to!! 

  2. who is this guy 🤔

    1. Christian S. C-109

      Christian S. C-109

      Who is Christian S. C-109. Would be the answer sir

    2. Ryan M. 5D-113

      Ryan M. 5D-113

      never heard of em 🤖

  3. Christian is the reason for the lack of water. All them spray bottles take a lot of water. 

    1. Christian S. C-109

      Christian S. C-109

      Well it is what I have to do to keep you in check sir, I use the HP Staff salary for compensation, also some of your paycheck as well.

  4. This is a test of the Communications department emergency notification system. 

  5. Lt. Jake H is the best :)


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