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  1. Christian is the reason for the lack of water. All them spray bottles take a lot of water. 

    1. Christian S. C-105

      Christian S. C-105

      Well it is what I have to do to keep you in check sir, I use the HP Staff salary for compensation, also some of your paycheck as well.

  2. Dear Brendon,

    It is crazy to believe we have been partners for 14 years. I remember the day, that we left the academy. We ran out of the San Andreas Highway Patrol Academy, looked up at the flag flying in the air and we both cried... Well, I cried, you laughed at me. But, our story doesn't start there, it ended there. Until, 3 years down the road, I transferred from Troop D into Troop B. We crossed paths again, and it was funny, because the first thing we spoke about was your wife. Sadly yall, are not together anymore, but we still joke about it. Its crazy, that day I was hit by a truck, and when I was screaming about my broken leg, You were shot by a sniper. I walked over to your bed, and I told you if you don't get up, I'm leaving you. The only response you had to say, "That's what my wife said". Well, I know you are watching over me, and I am watching over you. I got your six, and you sometimes have mine. Just wait, we both got a few more years, until you get the sexy but old Crown Vic, and I have a few decades until I can get my sexy polar bear Slicktop Tahoe. I got you some cans of salsa, and I got me some slim Jim's. 

    Seriously Love,
    Sky S. 

    1. Brendon D. 5S-16

      Brendon D. 5S-16

      Dearest Sky S, 


      Some may call it crazy that we've been partners for 14 years, but I call it fate. I still remember the day you jumped out of that helicopter at HQ and ran towards me while I was on my newly awarded motorbike. What you said to me has forever changed my life. As you said, my ex-wife did cheat on me with the pool boy, but it turned out for the better - I GOT THE MONEY! I couldn't have asked for a better partner to stand over me as I was pouring out blood from that sniper shot, and while you seemed to of quickly gotten over it by befriending a bird named Robert, and a Deputy named Randy, I always knew I would still be your #1. I cannot wait to either die together on the BMW or watch you pass me in your Tahoe while I slowly putter in my Vic. Also, you are the only one of us to die while patrolling together, and it's because you crashed, ha! and no, it was not my fault. 


      Best Wishes,

      Brendon D


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