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  1. After selling suspected tainted hot dogs, the suspect jumped into a modified green van and took off, with police giving chase.
  2. The suspect took officers on a tour of Los Santos, terrorizing daytime traffic along the way. By the end of the pursuit there would be at least 5 officers involved in the chase.
  3. As if the suspect was giving police the middle finger, he pulled a donut in the middle of Innocence Blvd.
  4. Weazel News was on scene when the suspect was chased into a parking lot under Power Street, where he stole a two door sports car and took off again.
  5. The chase finally ended after a grueling 50 minute long chase and brief exchange of gunfire.
  6. I had spoken to the suspect vehicle in this 10-11 prior to this stop and was passing when the Port Authority unit called for a 32.
  7. I was on a BC patrol when I turned to go down into Grapeseed off of 13/1 South. This collection of Highway guys asked me to pull over to check out the new model of the old crownvic. They were literally drooling over the lightbars.
  8. Individual speeding over 50mph through Mirror Park in his CXT style truck. Was surprised he stopped.
  9. Love me a slicktop vehicle.
  10. Station 6 reported an individual in a black car driving erratically around their station. A short pursuit down to Grove and this individual gets out of his car. After a weird traffic stop and a 10-70 he was taken to Mission Row for a variety of charges.
  11. Called in as uniformed 10-32 for a 10-11. I had seen the truck/driver before.

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