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  1. Hm.. guess thats one way to avoid an unroadworthy vehicle ticket....
  2. Keeping the area contained while waiting for LSFD to arrive.
  3. One of my favorite places to scan the radio and catch up on paperwork.
  4. Structure fire, the building was full of ammunition and it was starting to go off!
  5. Paleto Bay PD and SAHP working together on the scene of a crash in Paleto Bay!
  6. Paleto Bay PD and SAHP working together at the scene of a crash and suspicious person incident!
  7. When Lee Henderson ( @Harrison M. 3C-25 ) gives me a hard time, I can count on @Daniel A. 3C-49 to go through it with me
  8. It's Paleto Bay PD - this car is available to supervisors.
  9. MVC with DUI! No traffic unit available so had to scribble out the report myself.

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