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Jason W. 5D-78

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  1. Hey Jason

    I have RSVPd to the training in about 45 minutes. I don't see a training room that i need to go too. Is this training still happening. 

  2. Hi Jason,

    Sorry I've had to remove myself from the leo in-game training as my GTA is playing up, think I'm going to have to uninstall and reinstall it.

    If I get it done in time and there is still spots I will try to rejoin

    1. Jason W. 5D-78

      Jason W. 5D-78

      Ok that's fine. Hope you get working


      Jason W. 5D-152


  3. Welcome back buddy 🙂

    1. Jason W. 5D-78

      Jason W. 5D-78

      Thank you @Ido A. C-512 it’s good to be back. I’ve missed everyone here.  ☺️

  4. What time is the training on the 15th?

    1. Chad B.1

      Chad B.1

      My bad. I fixed it. 10am. CST

    2. Jason W. 5D-78

      Jason W. 5D-78

      ok thank you


  5. I'm unable to attend the training on 01/11/2019 due to a doctor's appointment 

    1. Justin L. 3C-81

      Justin L. 3C-81

      Were you a FTA or FTO or just rct

    2. Jason W. 5D-78

      Jason W. 5D-78

      Just a recruit sir

    3. Justin L. 3C-81

      Justin L. 3C-81

      Thanks for hte update

  6. @Jared K. C-202 | 5R-836 I will not be at the Tactical Dispatching Certification Training  on Wednesday 09, 2019. I'm only a Operator I and I forgot that you need to be a Operator II to attend. 

    Thank You Sir

    Jason W. C-608

    1. Jason W. 5D-78

      Jason W. 5D-78

      Unable to go to 911 training. family emergency

  7. That is an awesome pic @Fred M. 2L-95
  8. We are San Andreas Communications Department

    We wake up, grab our coffee, get dress in our polos, and head out the door. As we drive through this city we see what only hear on our headsets. We walk into work with a smile thinking that today will be a day that nothing will happen.  We sit down our desk turn on our computer and screens and log in like it was nothing. I call out over the radio that dispatch is now 10-8 and then it happens…..

    Whatever the call, we will answer.

    Whenever the call, we are there.

    However long it takes to get you the help you need, we will stay with you until that first person grabs your hand.

    We may not save everyone at the end of the day and we might break down crying for those for whom we lost, but we keep going.

    We ready. We are trained by the best of the best.

    We are members of the San Andreas Communications Department.

  9. Hi, how soon will the new recruits know when there is training? jw and sorry if I'm going out of COC for this question I don't know who is who yet 

    1. Jared K. C-217

      Jared K. C-217

      @Jason W. Trainings will be posed in the calendar. Under the Calendar tab

    2. Jason W. 5D-78

      Jason W. 5D-78

      oh ok. That's where I've been checking I had to miss the last one do to my waiting period. Thank You for the info sir.


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