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  1. John H. This is a representative of LSPD, It seems you left your sippy cup on one of our detective's desks.. Mind stopping by and picking it up one day?

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    2. Daniel A. 3C-566

      Daniel A. 3C-566

      Sounds good, I'll have my papa and mama come down there and get the money from you or the desk Sergeant, have a fine day, and stay safe.

    3. Jackson A. 2L-305

      Jackson A. 2L-305

      Oh yes, please make sure you bring papa with you. We found out after 12 years that he is in fact the one who let the dogs out and now has a warrant for his arrest. Please tell him to come peacefully.

    4. Daniel A. 3C-566

      Daniel A. 3C-566

      Sounds good, my father El Papo will be on his way to turn himself in.

  2. Nice, what visual pack do you use?

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