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  1. In all my infinite wisdom I managed to disconnect from the DOJRP teamspeak before saving the server password... Whenever you get the chance could I receive that somehow (however is most secure)

    1. Tim A.

      Tim A.

      You will have to reconnect to the interview server, and wait in recruit verification till an fto lead verifies you 


  2. Hey do you now if anyone plans to do a latter in game training (Like 7:30) tonight if not its fine but I am away this weekend and wanted to give it a go.

  3. Tim A.

    Slow Day

    what an amazing picture!!!
  4. I want to join doj but It does not show and option to send application


    1. Tim A.

      Tim A.

      That means Applications are not open at the time being. They usually open up around the beginning of the new month. Just check back 


    2. tinyboy1120

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