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  1. Quick Break

    "Quick" lmao jk
  2. I Met a Ghost

    After a certain time in-game, that ghost appears at the same location. It's a GTA:V feature and some people know about it, but it's pretty freaky... especially on FiveM servers. (You're certainly not expecting it.) On the plus side, good to see the sheriffs up in those mountains and the "off-trails" to make things more interesting and maybe find some crimes being committed.
  3. Wrong Place At The Wrong Time

    Yeah, seems like those Sheriffs are in a lot of trouble. *jokes, jokes*
  4. Coming back from LOA next weekend! I can't wait to get back out there on patrol with everyone. -- It's honestly something I never thought I would miss so much, but I really did. See you all soon! 


    1. Jordan B. 3C-40

      Jordan B. 3C-40

      We are glad to have you back! See ya out there

  5. Nighttime Patrol in Raton Canyon

    Great shot! +1