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  1. Happy You got in!!!

  2. Need A Call Sign on User Name to Be In the police department or Sheriffs office I Sent a Application for BCSO It Said Processing

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    2. Tyler J.

      Tyler J.

      I'll Go Back To Texas RP

    3. civ-caleb2008


      hi if you see this message please message back. do you need a copy of gta5 to play dojrp. if so than where can i get gta5 from a trustable site. ?

    4. Elmodestroyer69


      You don't need a copy to play in the communications department, also you need a legal copy to play. hope this helped.

  3. How Are You Guys?

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    2. Tyler J.

      Tyler J.

      Okay Thank You!

    3. John T. 3C-373

      John T. 3C-373

      should be soon but i really do not know because as you know its a new website so stuff still need's updating ect...


    4. Tyler J.

      Tyler J.

      Yea i Heard the New Website


  4. hey Dude

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    2. Barney S.

      Barney S.

      I've talked to a buddy of mine who's LSPD and I guess the entire website crashed. He mentioned that anyone who has applications in even prior to the crash their applications are null and void. I'm waiting to hear back from him as to when they will re-open the application process. Just thought I would let you know what was said, Oh and if you were a part of the force before you need to make a new account and log back in and get on team speak and go through the interview process and they will reinstate you.

    3. Tyler J.

      Tyler J.

      Hey The Applications Are Now 

      I Hope Im Going To Be A Recruit In LSPD

    4. Barney S.

      Barney S.

      Awesome I just filled out my app for communications. Since I dont have a gaming PC till i build one. But at least I'll have my foot in the door. I actually want CHP helicopter but you have to start somewhere. And I'm fine doing what i can till i can get there. 


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