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  1. Ready to bare

    It's an insignificant sacrifice for us to be able to partake in carrying the casket of a firefighter who lost his battle with cancer. Sam did a great job of explaining the history of this man, and how he was at ground zero doing his duty.

    © DOJ - 2017

  2. AIR ONE

    Even Air One is paying their respect! Mad props.

    © DOJ - 2017

  3. At attention

    I didn't want to stay away from the crowd (for photo reasons), but overall, it looks more realistic that we all turned away.

    © DOJ - 2017

  4. Set up

    The setup before everyone was asked to attend the speech. It looks kinda spooky.

    © DOJ - 2017

  5. Most of the server attened. I was very pleased to see the amount of professionalism and respect these men and women had. They took time out of their patrol, to pay respect to those who endured one of the most tragic and devastating events of the 21st century. I would like to personally thank each and every person who spent time looking over these photos, and/or attended the memorial, regardless of your role within this community; You are what makes this community great.

    © DOJ - 2017

  6. From City Hall to the cemetery in Vinewood Hills.

    © DOJ - 2017

  7. H.A.R.T Assemble!

    Shout out to our team leader, Hadee E. F-121 for putting up with all us new trainee's.
  8. H.A.R.T training

    " H.A.R.T does a lot of cool stuff " These are the men you call when your cat is stuck up a tree! These people who see here and Full time Fire and L.E.O / Civilian Volunteers, Thank you guys!
  9. I took this and realized, hey, maybe I should get closer!
  10. Now with my ugly hand! our Battalion Chief Sam I. is the one with the White helmet. @Daniel G. F-107
  11. Not gonna lie, I teared up a little. Congratulations gentlemen, it's great to have you! (September 2017) @Daniel G. F-107
  12. Be the Difference!

    I knew I loved this station, just didn't exactly know why.