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  1. I find doing my patrol logs is easier when I write it down with the postal and the people I interact with.

    but honestly cant wait to get promoted, but is it weird I like doing the patrol logs lol...

  2. So happy I passed the Civ exam! Next up in game training! Finally after 3 years I have come so close to be able to play with all you and I’m so excited to see what friends I make and what stories we come up with!

  3. I just RSVP'd for my Civilian Exam! Time to study! See you all soon!

  4. Do you know when civilian will be taking applications?? Thank you!

    1. Gianni R. 7R-26

      Gianni R. 7R-26


      There are multiple ways to be able to tell when applications are open for certain departments:

      1. Join the DOJRP Fan discord server, an announcement is made monthly outlining recruitment.
      2. During a recruitment cycle, 1st through 7th of each month, you can click Open Applications and if the Civilian Department is open you will have the ability to select "Civilian Applications" or something along the lines of that.

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